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Kids Of Hurrican Ian
A nonprofit organization:

That will Offer financial help for children affected by hurricane Ian born before 9/28/2022 up to the age of 16 years old.

To replace ore help to replace some of the things they may have lost in IAN such as Books, toys, Bicycles, skateboards, fishing gear, perhaps a young girls make up, clothing and personal items that were lost in Ian

An applicant must provide what the funds will be used for. Some cases items might be shipped directly and others might get a gift card  or a  Prepaid Master card or Visa card Prepaid card will be in Increments values of $50.

This organization is funded in part by a percentage from the sales of I survived Ian items

Help Our Children

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Help The Kids Learn To Trust

Generally children have nothing but an allowance From their parents and we know that things are tight with Ian expenses as well as this economy. But their seems to be no insurance for Kids

We can help replace lost items Like

Can You help us help the Kids of Hurricane Ian

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